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NETWORKS produces FREE Online Webinars covering various topics in advanced technology education. A Webinar is a seminar, a workshop, or a lecture administered through the computer where participants and presenter can interact together. It is not just a one-way presentation, but a two-way connection between presenter and attendees. The Webinars will be conducted through Collaborate, a virtual meeting room accessible online from virtually anywhere. Participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance upon request.
There are no scheduled NetWorks webinars.

Webinar Date Link
Getting the Info You Need: Designing Targeted Surveys & Questionnaires 11/06/15 VIEW
The Shift to Competency-Based Education 05/06/15 VIEW
E-Books, Apps, HTML5, and Interactivity 04/22/15 VIEW
Mechatronics – What You Need to Know and Do 02/21/14 VIEW
Top Educators' Secrets for Creating Star Students 02/07/14 VIEW
Digital Badges 10/18/13 VIEW
Electronics Technology 09/20/13 VIEW
Online Learning Strategies - Theory Overview 06/13/13 VIEW
Designing a Corporate College 05/10/13 VIEW
Technology Program Review 03/29/13 VIEW
Adult Education: Career Pathways 11/30/12 VIEW
Adult Education Bridges: Transitioning Adults 11/16/12 VIEW
Our Nano Future 10/12/12 VIEW
Blended & Flipped Learning: Practical Applications 09/21/12 VIEW
Blended and Flipped Learning: Theory Overview 09/14/12 VIEW
Bridge to Technology 05/11/12 VIEW
STEM to STEAM 04/20/12 VIEW
Earning Credentials 04/13/12 VIEW
Minority Male Initiative: Keys to Success 03/23/12 VIEW
Innovative Manufacturing 03/09/12 VIEW
Entrepreneurial Development 02/10/12 VIEW
Instructional Gaming 12/09/11 VIEW
Nanoimprinting 11/04/11 VIEW
10 Shots 2 Caffeinate Your Presentations 10/14/11 VIEW
Mobile Recruiting 08/12/11 VIEW
Master Series: Multimedia Literacy 06/16/11 VIEW
Grant Opportunities and Success Strategies 06/09/11 VIEW
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