Discounted Dreams

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At an Academic Affairs meeting for the Maricopa Community College District, Mike Lesiecki, the director of Maricopa Advance Technology Education Center, showed the PBS documentary: Discounted Dreams:  High Hopes and Harsh Realities at America’s Community Colleges.  “Discounted what,” you say?  “Discounted Dreams is a recent PBS documentary that portrays Community Colleges as the fastest growing […]

The New Tech Law

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I remember last year engineers were talking about the end of Moore’s law (every 18 months processor speed would double).  Too many obstacles were in the way that had to be hurdled.  Such as, there was not enough space on the chips or feature size being too big.  New materials needed to be discovered, etc., […]

Hollywood, the Parent, and High Tech Jobs

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I was reading  Gordon Synder’s blog the other week. Gordon is with the National Center for Telecommunications Technologies (NCTT), and his blog was based on The American Electronics Association (AeA) reported titled Cyperstates 2007: A Complete State-by-State Overview of the High-Technology Industry. With the first couple of TechSpectives blogs, we have looked at the problems […]

The State of the Electronics Technician (Part 2)

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The other day I left you with a bunch of questions about the state of electronics technicians.  All questions have answers and sometimes those answers can be painful.  What is painful is not the answers the questions have, but the consequences are great if we do not answer and implement the answers. Over the past […]

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