Have you ever wondered what a Wiki is, or how to explain RSS in plain English? Mike Q of NCTT has found the site, Common Craft Show that explains how.

How often do people fail to understand us in the high tech fields because we are no longer speaking in common English? How many times have you been acronymed to death? There are times when I forget to speak in common English instead of using the jargon of the high tech fields. I maybe really excited about my project, but if I glaze the eyes over my audience, then how can they expected to be excited?

I think that is why I enjoy the two videos by Common Craft for Wikis and RSS. Plain English is used to explain two areas of new technology that many people have heard about, but could not really explain. Watching the videos, people can now understand what the two technologies are, and how to use them. These videos are just a reminder to Keep it Simple, and the whole world will understand.