This week is the first week of accountability for faculty at Maricopa Community College District.  A time for meetings, more meetings, and a time to work on classes.  I am teaching a hybrid class – mostly online with four in-person meetings.  It has been quite a few years since I have taught an Internet based class, and technology has changed dramatically.  This is also the first time I have taught this particular course on-line, and not in person.  What am I going to do that is different?

I am going to use Google docs.  There is a lot of writing in my classes and peer review.  Google docs allows everyone to see a document and make revisions.  Everyone can see what revisions the other students had suggested.  This also allows me to not be paranoid about opening attachments and finding a virus that the server didn’t strip out.  If you want to learn more about Google docs – Gordon Synder and Mike Qaissaunee will be holding a Webinar on Webware on Friday, September 28.

I am going to use Elluminate to hold virtual office hours and allow students to have a chance to interact with one another once a week in a quasi-classroom setting.  Sometimes, it is easier for a student to communicate by speaking then it is for them to type what they want to say.  Elluminate will allow this to happen (though I did think of using Skype as well). What are you going to do to change your class this semester?  What new resources have you found?  If you are teaching an Internet class, do you like teaching it that way, or do you like teaching in-person?

Mark Viquesney