Culinary Arts Versus Electronics Technology

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According to data from the Arizona Career and Technical Education Division, over the last six years, 63,105 high school students took at least one culinary arts course. Compare that to the 6,105 for Electronics Technology. Why would this be so? One answer is the Food Network and the perception that culinary is fun and there […]

Making Technology Fun

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For my birthday, I was surprised when my wife gave me a rare, available Wii Fit. The new Wii “exergame” that Nintendo created and trying to find is very difficult. I set it up that night and started exploring it. My daughters watched and soon questions came from them: “How does it measure your weight? […]

The Extinction of Hard Drives

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A discussion was going on this morning in the office about the future of hard drives as we know them going the way of the floppy drives. Think about it, ten years ago, we had 3.5 inch and maybe a 5┬╝ floppy drives.┬áThe computer I write on has a 3.5 floppy drive, but I would […]

“Leave no worker behind!”

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I heard former assistant secretary of labor, Emily Stover-DeRocco, make this remark at a breakfast meeting. This sort of sounds like “No Child Left Behind” but in the context of her remark, it was the idea of opening new career opportunities for workers who have either lost their jobs or are embarking on new careers […]

Joy of Paperness

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One of our friends at NCTT, Gordon Snyder, is working on reducing his paperness. Reading his blog reminded me of the history of this endeavor so I thought I’d do a quick reality check to see if my recollection of the quest for reduced paper content in our lives matches the historical record. The saga […]

Wii Fit and Technology Convergence Equals the “Cool” Factor

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When Nitendo’s Wii first came out, it was a convergence of the following electronics: accelerometers, blue tooth, gyroscopes, and infrared detection to bring about an intuitive controller that anyone can use. This Wednesday, the Wii Fit is being released in the United States and once again, the controller is a convergence of technology. Millions will […]

Saving That Last Dollar

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There is an old adage in business that goes something like, “Never buy for the cheapest price. If you spend a dollar too much all you lose is your dollar. If you spend a dollar too little and the product fails you have lost your entire investment.” Now it appears that this quality versus price […]

Memristor: First Step in Positronics?

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Alright, the title is a little strange, but as I was reading about the exciting breakthrough in electronics, the creation of memristors, and I was struck by the following paragraph in a news release: Williams and his team say they can now take a different approach: “Instead of writing a computer program to simulate a […]

Thin Film Solar

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There is a significant change afoot in the world’s electricity production from solar energy. Major semiconductor equipment companies are seeing an opportunity to use their process and manufacturing expertise in thin film solar applications. For our programs and our students this is an opportunity. In semiconductor manufacturing technology we learn about a variety of processes […]

War of the Internet Worlds

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Just as the seminal science fiction novel War of the Worlds predicted, it is the lowliest creatures on earth that can bring down the largest and strongest. Originally (1898) it was bacteria that toppled the invading Martians. Later (1947), it was a moth that raised the specter of “bugs” infesting our latest technological wonder, the […]

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