End of the Year Post

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This is my last day at work for the year, and being the last day of the work year, it is time to take a look back. NetWorks webinars were a huge success. Special thanks to Terry Bartelt talking about 10 Tips to Thinking Outside the Box for Technical Recruitment as well as explaining what […]

Say Goodbye to the Hard Drive

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This is something not totally unexpected, but news of it actually starting to happen is something else. Toshiba announces a solid state 512 gig drive. Mass production begins in the second quarter of 2009. The hard drive will probably be around for a few more years until the solid state drives continue to drop in […]

Want to Buy a Space Shuttle?

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NASA will be selling two Space Shuttles for only $42,000,000 each. They are to be sold to “educational institutions, science museums, and other appropriate organizations.” Just think what a program could do with a Space Shuttle in their backyard. Potential uses include electronic classes, space tec, computer, engineering, history… There can be any number of […]

Communicating with Today’s Generation Success!

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We had a great webinar with Karl Kapp today on Communicating with Today’s Generation. There was actually some grade school teachers at the presentation and their web pages are just awesome examples of what the colleges have to do. You can watch the webinar by going to NetWorks and typing in the keyword “Webinar Kapp”. […]

All I Want for Christmas

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While the economy sucks, it still doesn’t stop the calander from rolling along and next you know, the holidays are here. My wife has yet to ask me what I want for Christmas. The first thing I would do, when she does ask, is take out the Think Geek catalogue. Personal Sound Track Shirt – […]

Questions on Gadgets, Games, and Gizmos

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With tomorrow’s webinar with Karl Kapp, “Communicating with Today’s Generation” fast approaching, and much of the information that Karl will speak about will be in his book Gadgets, Games, and Gizmos for Learning. I asked Karl a few questions and below are his answers. What inspired you to write Gadgets, Games, and Gizmos? I know […]

Computer Mouse Turns 40

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It is hard to believe that I am older than the computer mouse. But, not older than the trackball. Today, December 9, the mouse turns 40. Here is a link to Gearlog and their guided history of the mouse. Without the mouse, we would either have the trackball or …? Who know where we would […]

Questions and Answers on Communicating with Today’s Generation

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Once again, Karl Kapp has graciously agreed to do a webinar for us on Communicating with Today’s Generation. I asked him some questions and here are a few answers. How do we teach to the younger generation of students or “Digital Natives”? Create an interactive environment in which the students can create their own understanding […]

Communicating with Today’s Generation

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Next week’s webinar, “Communicating with Today’s Generation,” on December 12, is fast approaching. Here is the description: Are your classroom lectures designed to teach the new breed of student? One raised on a steady diet of video games, electronic gadgets and the Internet. Confused by the right use of Wikis, Blogs, IM and Podcasts for […]

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