A discussion was going on this morning in the office about the future of hard drives as we know them going the way of the floppy drives. Think about it, ten years ago, we had 3.5 inch and maybe a 5¼ floppy drives. The computer I write on has a 3.5 floppy drive, but I would be hard pressed to find a floppy for it. What would replace the hard drive? The same thing that replaced the floppys: Flash drives (aka solid state drives).  

It will take a few years for this to happen, though some laptops are offering solid state drives instead of the normal hard drives.  The cost for large flash drives makes it too expensive for it to happen – but in the next few years, they will get bigger and cheaper.   

As I think about all the things this would mean to computers (smaller, less power, longer battery life for laptops, faster retrieval, no moving parts), I wonder what the next few years will bring to the computer world.   

Mark Viquesney