Webinar on How to Produce a Webinar

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Have you ever wondered what you need to do to produce a webinar? If you have, then you are in luck, because I and the rest of the MATEC NetWorks team is developong a webinar on webinars. We haven’t set a date for it but I imagine that we will be sandwiching it in somewhere […]

How to Win at Guitar Hero with an FPGA

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 Hi Everyone’ I thought you might like to review this article I found on PLD Design Line eMagazine. It is an idea of using an FPGA and a few other interface systems to develop an electronics system that simulates the Guitar Hero game for the Wii. This link now has the complete story of the project […]

The Minority Report Comes Alive

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I saw an article in the news about targeted advertisment and how it is coming. I could not help but think of the movie, The Minority Report, where scanners scan people’ iris and show advertisement for that location. I am not too sure about this. I don’t like the ads I get in the mail. […]

Questions for President Obama

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Now that we officially have a new president, and he is off to all his inauguration parties, when he comes into work tomorrow, I would love for him to answer a few questions. How will community colleges be viewed in your administration? Will education, from pre-K to college, ever be funded properly? Will the U.S. […]

Doing Things the Wrong Way

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When you see someone doing something and, to you, they are doing it the “wrong way”, how many times do you want to just move them aside and take over to do it “right”? I know not to fold my wife’s clothes because even though either way the clothes are folded, the way I fold […]

Don’t Say Engineering is Cool – Show It!

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Tom wrote a blog on taking a risk at being creative a few days ago about a conversation he had with Celeste Baine, but I found another commercial by the Norwegian company, Hydro, with their ad campaign that is designed toward young engineers: Young engineers take control in new Hydro campaign The film is part […]

The Wonder of Science and Kids: A Mad Scientist Birthday

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My daughter had her seventh birthday party this last Saturday. A few parents were nice to stay and help. The party was a mad science party – where my wife, a geo-chemist, does really cool science demonstrations – puking pumpkin, marshmallows in a vacuum, floating bubbles on carbon dioxide, goldenrod drawings, egg in a bottle, […]

Taking a Risk at Being Creative

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 Hi Everyone, It has been some time since posting a blog topic here at Techspectives but thought this string conversation I had recently with Celeste Baine on a short video clip she posted on her blog might start some interesting convesations. So what started this conversation? See the video at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54iAkkjsfrA How do […]

Is Your Classroom like an Airplane?

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Again, I ask the question: When your students walk into your classroom, is it “like boarding an airplane where all the technology is turned off for the duration of the flight (or classroom)”? This is taken from Karl Kapp’s blog today where Apple’s Jon Burgess gave the keynote for Winter 2009 ICT conference. The question […]

TVs with Cell Processing Chips

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In the convergence of technology that everyone seems to be doing – TVs have finally met the computer/console chip. Toshiba Wednesday at CES unveiled plans for a new television powered by the same high-performance microchip used in Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. According to Reuters, the televisions will run on the Cell, chips originally developed by […]

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