NPR Parts 6 and 7 on Energy

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The NPR series Power Hungry:  Reinventing the U.S. Electric Grid continues and this time is looking at the New Phase in Energy Use and Young Workers Find Opportunity in the Power Industry.  The New Phase is about the utility companies and how change can be difficult for them because they are mostly regulated and wonder if […]

NPR Parts 5 and 6 on Energy

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The NPR series Power Hungry:  Reinventing the U.S. Electric Grid continues with stories on The Challenge:  Constant Current from Fickle Winds and The Grid May Be Smart, But Will It Be Green?     The problem of green energy is that when the wind does not blow, the sun does not shine, there is no power […]

NPR: Building the Lines and Smart Meters

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NPR’s 10 part series on energy continued today with Building Lines Creates a Web of Problems and Smart Meters Save Big Bucks.  The Smart Meters are one of the areas that the Eneregy Utilization Center will examine because it is starting to pull together the technican side and the consumer side of the Electricity Use, Management, and Conversation.   Smart Meters […]

Energy Produced versus Energy Lost

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Some people may wonder why MATEC is looking into Energy Utilization.  It is actually a natural fit – MATEC, and MATEC NetWorks, has worked with semiconductors, electronics, and automation, which also grew to include nanotechnology (partnership with the NACK center) and alternative energy – photovoltaic (which is closely related to semiconductors in the manufacturing process), […]

NPR on Reinventing the Power Grid

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As I was driving along to work I heard the start of an National Public Radio (NPR) series on the Smart Grid and the Electrical Lines of America.  Since I am starting to blog about the Energy Utlization Center (EUC), this was a great series for me to look up on their website. In a […]

Increasing Energy Appetite

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A few questions that we have received as we were developing our Energy Utilization Center proposal:  Why energy utilization?  The world is changing and as third world countries become more industrialized, better developed, their thirst for energy becomes more.  There is only a finite amount of fuel in the world when we consider fossil fuels.  […]

Energy Utilization Center

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At 14:05 today, Micheal Lesiecki clicked a button that could forever change the world.  Today was preliminary proposal due date for the National Science Foundation.  The proposal he submitted was for a regional center on energy utlization.  What does this mean?  When Mike brought up the concept, everyone just scratched their heads (just like you maybe […]

Solar Phone

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A cool gadget…  While it is not the first solar phone, it is the first water-proof solar phone from Sharp-KDDI.  While it may take 10 minutes of solar time to get 1 minute of charge – this could be a great thing for people who hike and climb mountains.  Or, the  person who likes to be by […]

Open-Lab – Self-paced Webinar

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You can find this webinar recording at   The days of a traditional students, classrooms, and curriculum are rapidly changing – just like the industries and jobs that demand them. The Electromechanical Technology program at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) has been adapting to student needs since 1979. All courses are offered in a […]

Technician Career Opportunities in Energy

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Michael Lesiecki of MATEC NetWorks and Dan Hull of OP-TEC are going to be presenting a join workshop on Technician Career Opportunities in Energry at the High Impact Conference.  Dan sent us his complete blog on the subject to post on TechSpectives as well: Technician Career Opportunities in Energy One of the hot topics in the […]

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