Why Games are Better than Youth Sports

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Karl Kapp has a great blog post about why video games are better than youth sports.  Recently I appeared on a local radio talk show to speak about some of the benefits of Video Games for education. It is a popular topic for radio talk shows because it is somewhat controversial and many people have […]

Universal Cell Phone Chargers in Europe

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A while back I wrote about how there would be universal chargers at sometime.  In Europe, it is now to become reality.  The European Commission and several leading cell phone manufacturers agreed Monday to back a mini-USB standard for cell phone chargers beginning next year — two years ahead of schedule. A universal charger standard […]

Copper Mines and High Technology

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Copper mining in the southwestern States has a long history and many ups and downs from fluctuating prices for their products. One of the legacies of these endeavors is the common practice of open-pit mining which leaves a significant hole in the earth. The technology behind this type of mining is nothing more than removing the covering […]

Friday Wrap Up

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It seemed to have been a quiet week. The cost to make an iPhone, and the profit.  iPhone 3GS sold over a million phones over the weekend.  I wonder how many phones would be sold if Apple was at other phone companies as well (I know I would buy one if they were at my […]

Wolfram Alpha

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Wolfram Alpha: this site just recently came on line and is associated with the developers of the Mathematica software. WA (Wolfram alpha) is an “answer engine.” WA takes a different approach to search and tries to intuit your query in the form of inter-relationships of data associated with your query. Believe me it is worth […]

Microsoft Hohms in on the Smart Meter

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News of interest: Microsoft Hohm Cuts Power Bills Microsoft on Wednesday launched a Web service that allows consumers to track their home energy usage and offers ways to help them reduce power consumption. Microsoft joins Google PowerMeter as the major software players to help homeowners utilize their smart meters.  Now it is up the the utilities to join with […]

Ten Worst Teaching Mistakes

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On Course has an article by Rebecca Brent and Richard Felder entitled, “The 10 Worst Teaching Mistakes“.  This has been ciruclating the office with a lot of discussions of “I’ve done that, haven’t done that,” etc.  As the article says, “Doing some of the things on the list may occasionally be justifed, so we’re not […]

Michael Qaissaunee – Educator of the Year

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I just want to post a big CONGRATs to Mike Qaissaunee for being awarded the first ever High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC) Educator of the Year Award.  Mike does a lot of great stuff.  Education is a strong passion for him.  I have enjoyed working with him and Gordon Snyder on all the webinars […]

Friday Wrap Up

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Just some odds and ends that I found interesting: Twitter and the Iranian Election Protest - Supressing news is not as easy as it was with pagers during the Tianamen Square Incident (that looks to be the official name of the protest and crackdown).  Will we have an Iranian Tank Man?  Hard to believe that was […]

Smart Grid, Solar Panels, and a Big Battery

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This was an interesting news article about how Duke Energy will be doing a solar, battery, smart grid trial in Charolete, North Carolina. The company is testing what it calls a “virtual power plant” at a substation in Charlotte, N.C., that it hopes will allow it to use electricity more efficiently. The substation–where electricity is […]

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