eSyst @ High Impact Technology Exchange Conference

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Hi everyone, Last week July 19th through July 23rd, the High Impact Technology Exchange Conference was held in in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a sponsor of this conference, the eSyst Systems Approach to Electronics (NSF Project #0702753) conducted a half day workshop for 31 faculty from around the United States and hosted a technology showcase booth […]

New Nano Classes

Education, Nanotechnology No Comments » has two new classes online with lab activities.  ESC 213: Materials in Nanotechnology This course is an in-depth, hands-on exposure to materials fabrication approaches used in nanofabrication. Students learn that these processes can be guided by chemical or physical means or by some combination of these. Hands-on exposure will include self-assembly; colloidal chemistry; atmosphere, […]

Why ATE Programs are Good for America

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This article appeared in the July 27, 2009 electronic version of the Chronicle of Higher Education and was written by Diane Jones. This article gives a strong agreement for the ATE program as one of the guiding forces that helps community colleges continue to innovate in the area of technology education. I met the Honorable Diane […]

Textbooks and the Kindle

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When I was picking up my books for my classes, it was a love/hate relationship.  I love getting the books because I was interested in the subjects.  I hated getting the books because of the expense.  A new dawn on books is starting to arrive – ebooks.  ebooks means that a publisher does not have to […]

Things I learned from Hi-Tec Conference

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Thin flim solar is 10% efficient compared to the typical solar panels at 20%.  Though, thin films can handle the heat better – which means my solar system is most effective in the month of March when it is not too hot and not too cold. That Gordon Synder’s daughter Gabby rocks!  She gave a […]

High Tech Conference Wrapping Up

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The Hi-Tech conference is wrapping up tomorrow and it is going to be an incredible day of activity and presentations.  The conference has been great and I have met a lot of wonderful people and learned many things.  More blogs next week.

High Impact Technology Exchange Conference

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The first HI-TEC Conference is here!  Ok, it starts this Sunday, July 19, but I was moving all the boxes down to the Westin Hotel.  While this conference is what SAME-TEC metamorphised into, its roots are still in MATEC.  More Centers are involved, more conference members, more of everything.  If you haven’t registered, maybe you […]

The President’s Plan for Community Colleges

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Dear friends; we ran across two articles on our current administration’s support of community college initiatives.  These are exciting inititives and show the president recoginizes the importance of the Community Colleges. President Obama To Discuss Plans For Expanded Community College Education: Bloomberg News (7/12, Giudice) reported, “President Barack Obama, writing in today’s Washington Post, said he […]

Even Robots are finding it Hard to Stay Employed

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Hi everyone,  I read interesting article this morning concerning the effects of a down world ecconomy on the future of robots. With their high expense and limited functions, many companies as well as many households (especially in Japan) are staying with their humans and not employing more robots to perform their tasks. In Japan, the […]

Gmail Increases it’s Maximum Attachment Size to 25 MB

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The Google Operating System blog claims that, “Now you can send bigger attachments in Gmail, as Google increased the maximum attachment size to 25 MB.” This is from 10 MB.  And can be referenced HERE. If you don’t have a gmail account, I’d recommend getting one. Shay

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