It is all symantics

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The lexicon of the world changes regularly.  One thing I stress to my students that when they are writing that they be careful not to use slang in their work.  Slang can be cutural, generational, even regional.  Remember when the word bad actualy meant bad? And then it changed to good, back to bad for a […]

Self-Cleaning Solar Panels, Windows, and more!

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One thing I dislike about my solar panels is the amount of dust that can collect on them.  Especially after 90 days of no rain at my house.  Dust is going to accumulate no matter where you live – but in Arizona, where there can be no long stretches of rain, the dust build up […]

This Friday – Free Webinar

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This semester I had a very interesting group of students – One student was in his seventies, another was forty-six, a few in their thirties, a bunch of twenty year olds, and finally a student who was sixteen.  All in the same class.  Four generations of students.   The dynamics of this class is very interesting.  You […]

On the wings of a butterfly

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How can a butterfly help us understand RFID technology?  Help create anti-counterfitting measures?  What can we learn?  Apparently, we can learn a lot from butterfly wings.  In the article Butterfly reasearch to improve RFID technology, the butterly wing has many secrets. To get a close look at a butterfly wings, the Nanotechnology Applications and Career […]

Reaching and Teaching Across Generations – Free Webinar December 11

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In the workplace, there are two, three generations at work.  In classrooms, there can sometimes be four generations.  Each generation is shaped by the times they live in and how they will respond.  In order for a company to be successful, each generation must be able to communicate successfully with the other, as well as […]

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