Technology can be such a wonderful thing.  The smaller we can make things, the more it seems to do.  Word has been released that IBM has invented a chip that can do gene sequenceing.

IBM says the invention, disclosed Tuesday, paves the way for genetic scans that cost between $100 and $1,000. By contrast, the Human Genome Project’s first ever complete sequencing of the human genome cost $3 billion.  “The technologies that make reading DNA fast, cheap, and widely available have the potential to revolutionize bio-medical research and herald an era of personalized medicine,” said IBM research scientist Gustavo Stolovitzky, in a statement. “Ultimately, it could improve the quality of medical care by identifying patients who will gain the greatest benefit from a particular medicine and those who are most at risk of adverse reaction,” said Stolovitzky.

Just imagine the posibilities of what this will mean.  As soon as IBM can make it commercially available (a few years away) and doctors use it regularly, then, well, a revolution in medicine could take place.  Again, this shows the power of convergence between two different fields – semiconductors and biosciences. 

Maybe we will find that everything is connected and we are now just finding those connections.

Mark Viquesney