One thing I dislike about my solar panels is the amount of dust that can collect on them.  Especially after 90 days of no rain at my house.  Dust is going to accumulate no matter where you live – but in Arizona, where there can be no long stretches of rain, the dust build up can really start to effect the efficiancy of the panels (from 3-7%).  Monday day, I was extremely happy because we had some good rain that finally cleaned off the panels.  Unfortunately, Monday night another storm blew through with high winds for six hours and very little rain.  Which meant, my panels on Tuesday, were not coated in a thick coat of dust.  In the future, this may not be a worry anymore.  Some scientist trying to find the cure for Alzhemiers, actually found a way to make self-cleaning solar panels, windows, and, wait, that is not all, but a supercapacitor!  And since there is no exotic materials, the main ingrediant is as cheap to make as soda sweetner. 

A group of researchers under prof. Ehud Gazit (pictured above) at the Tel Aviv University were looking for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease when they discovered a new way to get peptides to self-assemble at high-temperatures in a vacuum. The resulting structure, pictured above, had some interesting physical properties that could make it useful not only for solar energy production, but also for electric car batteries.  

This is pretty amazing stuff.  Read the full article here

Mark Viquesney