In the convergence of technology that everyone seems to be doing – TVs have finally met the computer/console chip.

Toshiba Wednesday at CES unveiled plans for a new television powered by the same high-performance microchip used in Sony’s PlayStation 3 console.
According to Reuters, the televisions will run on the Cell, chips originally developed by IBM (NYSE:IBM), Toshiba and Sony. Cell-enabled TVs will be able to show as many as 48 separate moving pictures on a single TV screen, with high-definition graphics to boot.

I guess if the TV is big enough, you can have every NFL game on without having to turn the channel. Or every March Madness game. Since the TVs are using the same chips as the PlayStation 3, what more would be needed to turn it into all in one system? Some TVs are now Internet capable – a better way to watch videos and downloadable movies from Internet sites, or TV shows (I know I would rather watch shows on the 32 inch screen (yes, no flat panel yet) then my 21 inch monitor). I remember, but can’t find the computer that was inside the keyboard that you hooked up to your TV (this was years ago). Is this the start (or return) of turning the TV into a computer? It looks like we could be approaching the same idea again, but a wireless keyboard, and your remote as the mouse, and the TV being the computer. You wouldn’t have to worry about a sound or video card.

Mark Viquesney