It is always interesting to look back at the end of the year.  What new technologies are out there, what game changers are there, what happened.  And while every year, there is something new or improved, it is the game changers that we write most about.  Last year, about this time, common thought was the iPad, a tablet, would fail.  (Wasn’t this the same thoughts that people had when Apple announced they were making the “iPhone”?)  Apple of course, couldn’t make enough iPads (which, if you are thinking of buying one for Christmas, wait until the iPad 2 comes out in a few months.  CNN wrote How the iPad Changed 2010.  It didn’t just change 2010, it changed how people think.  I will list their bullet points – but click the link to read the reasons behind the bullet points. 

1. Pushing Apple over the top:

2. A new device category: 3. Publishing renaissance:

4. Reshaping web design:

5. App store victorious:

What other technologies can you say were game changers for 2010?  What other cool technologies came out?

Mark Viquesney