I am, of course, very interested in solar.  My last two months of electric bills have been zero dollars.  Actually, I had a $24 credit from two months ago – so my April bill would have just been $12, and May was $8 but with the credit – ZERO!  Last May I paid..  well, actually, this is a blog for another time about how my lease with Solar City is going.  But, this post is about nanotechnology and solar.  How is nanotechnology affecting the solar industry?  Some big changes coming about and nano is playing a role.  Nanotechnology and Energy is the FREE webinar (MATEC NetWorks is hosting) that NACK is giving this Thursday, May 27, 1 PM ET.

Nanotechnology was first used to describe the techniques that are associated with semiconductor processing. These techniques are still heavily used to make computer chips and other solid-state devices, but many other industries are now being impacted. The same tools and processes are finding applications in areas such as energy production and may improve our ability to find alternative energy sources. Increased efficiency, alternative materials and means of storage are all being impacted by nanotechnology.

NACK Center staff will share a summary of advancements in this area and explain how some common devices function. The main topic will focus on solar cell devices and how nanotechnology is impacting this field. The advantages and disadvantages of different materials will also be discussed.

Interested?  You can register here or at Nano4me.  Click on the Attend Webinar tab in the educator’s section.  I hope to see you this Thursday.

Mark Viquesney