For the past few years, a lot of people have theorized about what smart phones will be able to do.  Some people are saying that smart phones would be able to detect harmful chemicals, or detecting danger heart arrhythmias.  This will happen and is happening.   Today in the main stream news, Britian doctors are working on an app that can detect viruses and diseases. 

This is how it would work: A user would put urine or saliva on a computer chip about the size of a USB chip and then plug it into their phone or computer. And voila, a diagnosis will appear right before their eyes.

So, right now Britian is addressing a problem of STDs.  But how soon after that will other diseases, other viruses be able to be checked?  Think you have the flu?  Spit on a chip and find out.  So instead of the first kiss, people going out will be asking for first spit.  And to think where we would not be without nanotechnology…  Who knew that smart phones would lead to mobile docs?

Mark Viquesney