Nanofabrication Webinar

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We have a great NACK webinar tomorrow.  It is Introduction to Nanofabrication: Top Down and Bottom Up.  Nanofabrication is defined as a field of applied science and technology whose theme is the control of matter on the atomic and molecular scale, generally 100 nanometers or smaller, and the fabrication of devices or materials that lie within […]

IBM’s Watson to work in hospitals

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After playing Jeopardy, the Chicago Tribune reports that the AI Watson will have its first job in the hospital.  Siegel said it would likely be at least two years before Watson will be used on patients at his hospital. It will take that much time to train the program to understand electronic medical records, feed […]

Should doctors be held to the same standards as teachers?

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Shaun Johnson wrote this interesting article in the Huffington Post entitled, “What if we treated doctors the way we treat teachers?”.  A doctor can tell a person to lose weight, educate them about healthy choices and foods, gives them stuff to do at home, such as to read a pamphlet and to eat a healthy meal, […]

Computer Vs. Humans Jeopardy Winner

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So, who won?  A long time ago, no one would have thought that a computer would be able to beat a human in chess – yet it happened when IBM’s Deep Blue versus chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997.  This time, can a computer beat some of the greats of the game show Jeopardy?  Of […]

Spray On Solar Cells?

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This sounds too good to be true – but here it is from the NSF itself about a project for solar cells that can be sprayed on.  Have you seen those big, bulky, breakable photovoltaic cells that now collect the sun’s rays? Well, what if solar energy could be harnessed using tiny collectors that could be […]

Successful Minority Male Webinar

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As the title says, we had a very successful webinar today.  We had over a 130 registrants and over 80 people showed up (thirty sharing rooms with people).  There was a great discussion going on in the chat window and awesome questions.  I think one of the best questions was that this one participant said […]

Minority Male

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Tomorrow is the NetWorks webinar on the Minority Male - The Invisible Men.  This is going to be a fascinating webinar.  During the rehearsal the other day, I was quite shocked to learn that as a teacher, it is not engagement in the class that gets the minority male to stay, it is something that has to be done outside […]

Which Inventions of Jules Verne are Real?

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Being Jules Verne’s 183 birthday today, National Geographic has this great article on eight inventions of his that came about.  Enjoy. Mark Viquesney

I can’t see nanotechnology…

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Have you ever tried to see nanotechnology?  Or run into someone who just doesn’t understand that they can’t see nanotechonolgy with the naked eye?  If so, show them this video. Mark Viquesney

A High Tech Conversation

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Tom McGlew was telling me a story a few weeks ago.  More on that story as I remind or inform people of who Tom is.  Tom is the project manager of the NSF eSyst project and does a lot of work with Semi High Tech U.   eSyst helps instructors move their electronics program from the […]

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