Have you ever sat through presentations and fallen asleep?  Or that you can read the slides and not bother to listen to the presenters since they are going to just read the slides themelves?  We all have horror stories and suffered “death by PowerPoint”.  Yet, commonly we subject our students to the same things we do not like.  This Thursday, May 19, NetWorks and Radical Platypus group’s Dr. Lynell Burmark, is going to have a Master Series Webinar on making your presentations rock.

Have you fallen into the PowerPoint trap, reading somniferous bullet points to a dozing audience? In this engaging multimedia session, come discover quick-and-easy fixes that are free and applicable to the presentation you were planning to give tomorrow. Learn why traditional templates are a bad idea, and how “full-bleed” and “implied space” can take your images off the edge and your presentations to a new level of visual engagement. Look at terrific versus abysmal examples of typeface deployment and see where to put text on the slide and (mostly) on the handout. Get value-added handout plus links to fabulous free resources (including hundreds of great copy-free images). Discover the 10:2 antidote to boring presentations and the power of humor, music, and story to awaken and synch up every audience.

This will be a great way to learn how to improve your presentations, and best of all – it is free.  With free handouts.  Register now, and make sure to show up early as there are limited seats available.  We will not be able to post a recording of this webinar nor the slides.

Mark Viquesney