Ok, some computers have been beating humans in chess and other games for years.  In a practice round of Jeopardy, IBM’s computer won against the two all time Jeopardy champs. 

Next month, IBM’s Watson supercomputer will do battle on Jeopardy with two of the show’s all-time top human champions. IBM offered a sneak peek this week at a practice round — overseen by Alex Trebek, on a replica Jeopardy set IBM spent $1 million to build. (CNET)

A three day event is planned for Feburary 14-16.  While this is cool, the cynical side of me (if I was an IBM stock holder) really questions was it really necessary to spend $1 million to build a set that is used once?  Great on supercomputer – that makes sense – but the set – no. 

In about twenty years, all of this will be in your next home computer… or maybe your phone.  It is almost like we will all run into the Star Trek computer in the near future thanks to IBM.

Mark Viquesney