Using the US Census data, The Business Journal discovered that women have an educational advantage over men 45 and under.

The gap was especially pronounced in the youngest age groups: 27.3 percent of 25-to-29-year-old women held bachelor’s degrees as their highest educational attainments, compared to 22.6 percent of men. Another 8.5 percent of women in the 25-29 group possessed advanced degrees, as opposed to 5.2 percent of men of the same age.

While the census asks a group range (i.e., 25-29), the information is not broken down by job.  I would be curious if  this means that STEM related fields have more women in them now?  Or is it just that women are getting more degrees in non-STEM fields?  What is the job break down?  Maybe the Census data can fill in our gaps.

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Mark Viquesney