Are you curious about nanotechnology in medicine?  Do you want to know the latest in medical treatments for cancer and other medical conditions?  You are in luck – next Friday, April 29, will be NACK’s webinar:  Nanotechnology in Medicine.

Nanotechnology applications in medicine offer some exciting possibilities. While some applications are still only far-fetched, others are at various stages of testing, or are already in use today. The use of nanotechnology in the field of medicine will revolutionize the way we detect and treat many illnesses and diseases. Many techniques are now making great progress towards becoming realities in the near future. This webinar will provide an overview of the status of how nanotechnology is impacting the world of medicine.

There is some real exciting stuff here.  Ways of treating people that were never possible before.  Join us for this FREE webinar, sponsored by the NSF, and register now here!

Mark Viquesney