I am pleased to annouce the following new webinar series!

The Master Series produced by MATEC NetWorks in partnership with Radical Platypus group:

This new MATEC NeWorks webinar series will focus on the art and practice of teaching in the 21st century with emphasis on learning, pedagogy and innovation. All featured speakers participating in the webinar series have more than 15 years of experience in professional development teaching faculty or developing educational technology and curriculum in schools. Topics will range from STEM and project-based learning to virtual world-career simulations. Speakers include Ray Rose, Dr. Jim Bower, Dr. Lynell Burmark, Dr. Sara Armstrong, Dr. Gary Stager, Cliff Zintgraff and Jim Brazell

This all came from Jim Brazell and I working on his NetWork’s webinar debut in December and an encore presentation in January:  Emerging Technologies.  We enjoyed the process so much, and Jim has a lot of friends, so this new series was created.  We are going to focus on what teachers need or can use in their classroom.  Awesome professional growth opportunity!  I am very excited about working with each one of the presenters.  Special thanks to Jim Brazell and Radical PlatypusYou can register at Networks Professional Growth page, or by clicking here.

Mark Viquesney