As a teacher, there are things that you should not do.  Add this one to the list:  Do not close a student’s laptop during your class, especially if their hands are still on the keys.  If you do, you will be arrested for assault and battery.

From The Spectator, the school newspaper: 

The altercation occurred when Dr. Rybicki allegedly closed a laptop computer on the hands of the student, said Dorsena Drakeford, another student in the class and Spectator sports editor.

 Dr. Rybicki closed the laptop because he thought the student was on non-class related websites. The student began to argue with Dr. Rybicki about closing the laptop and about the websites she visited while in class. Class was dismissed early because Dr. Rybicki seemed upset by the incident, Drakeford said. 

There may be more than what we know – but no one said that he slammed it closed, just closed it.   Thanks to Mike Qaissaunee for putting this article on his blog.

Mark Viquesney