You always see on the news about how people use Twitter to break news stories – the jet that landed in the Hudson River, the raid on Osma Bin Laden, the reveloutions in the Middle East…  But those are far away to me and I read about it in the news, not on Twitter.  But today, a tornado went through Springfield, MA. Gordon Snyder is a colleague that I admire, love working with, and call him a friend.  I was scared to death that he and/or his family may have been hurt.  What is the first thing I do?  I go to his blog that I have an rss feed to and look at his twitter comments.  He is twittering away – so I know he is safe.  Yes, I could have did it on my phone but my computer was on and getting to his blog was way quicker. I send him an email, since if he is twittering, it means he has access to his gmail on his iPhone and I find out that he and his family are fine.  Now, Twitter means a lot more to me than just a social media tool.  My best thoughts and wishes to those affected by this tornado (as to all who have been as well). But thanks Twitter for letting me know my friend and his family are doing well.