New Webinar Series!

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I am pleased to annouce the following new webinar series! The Master Series produced by MATEC NetWorks in partnership with Radical Platypus group: This new MATEC NeWorks webinar series will focus on the art and practice of teaching in the 21st century with emphasis on learning, pedagogy and innovation. All featured speakers participating in the webinar series have […]

The Rise of Remedial Students

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At Maricopa Community Colleges there is a lot of discussion about the rise of remedial students.  Students who are not college ready in Math, English, and Reading.  I understand some reasons why there is a need for remedial classes.  Returning students who haven’t been in a classroom in a few years.  What always baffled me is […]

Should doctors be held to the same standards as teachers?

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Shaun Johnson wrote this interesting article in the Huffington Post entitled, “What if we treated doctors the way we treat teachers?”.  A doctor can tell a person to lose weight, educate them about healthy choices and foods, gives them stuff to do at home, such as to read a pamphlet and to eat a healthy meal, […]

Minority Male

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Tomorrow is the NetWorks webinar on the Minority Male - The Invisible Men.  This is going to be a fascinating webinar.  During the rehearsal the other day, I was quite shocked to learn that as a teacher, it is not engagement in the class that gets the minority male to stay, it is something that has to be done outside […]

A High Tech Conversation

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Tom McGlew was telling me a story a few weeks ago.  More on that story as I remind or inform people of who Tom is.  Tom is the project manager of the NSF eSyst project and does a lot of work with Semi High Tech U.   eSyst helps instructors move their electronics program from the […]

College Application Advice

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From the Chronicle of Higher Learning, is a piece of advice for graduate college applicants entitled:  Leave Dr. Seuss Out of It.    At the risk of sounding like a cranky old science professor, I will state emphatically that when I read an application to our graduate program, I do not want to hear about your second-grade […]

America Students Still Struggling in Science

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Once again, students in America are falling short in the sciences.  According to this article by the Associated Press: The nation’s students are still struggling in science, with less than half considered proficient and just a tiny fraction showing the advanced skills that could lead to careers in science and technology, according to results from […]

Science Prize for Inquiry-Based Instruction

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This is a great opportunity! Science Prize for Inquiry-Based Instruction  Have you ever actively participated in a science lab that left a lasting impact on you?  Have you ever taught an interactive science lab and watched as students lit up with understanding?  Science would like to recognize efforts such as these with the Science Prize […]

What is a well-rounded student?

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That is the million dollar question – what is a well-rounded student?  What should they know? Obviously, writing is very important.  You can’t write if you don’t know how to read.  But just because you know how to read, does not mean you know how to write.  And writing is all about communicating ideas.  If […]

“I’m not smart enough…”

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Yesterday, Tom McGlew of MATEC was at a SEMI High Tech U recruiting event at a local high school.  He would ask students who were walking by, “Would you like to learn about high tech careers and opportunities in different fields?” (This is the purpose of High Tech U, and target the students who are B and C students […]

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