Smart Phone as Doctor?

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For the past few years, a lot of people have theorized about what smart phones will be able to do.  Some people are saying that smart phones would be able to detect harmful chemicals, or detecting danger heart arrhythmias.  This will happen and is happening.   Today in the main stream news, Britian doctors are working on an app […]

Microprocessor Animation

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Ever wonder how a computer works? Using the top-down approach, this block diagram takes you on a journey through the various stages of a microprocessor’s architecture. At the system level, the details of each component are concealed, all emphasis being placed on the task that each device performs. For starters, every microprocessor has an arithmetic […]

An Interesting Electronics Conversation

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Tom McGlew, project manager for eSyst, just got off the phone with a major textbook publisher.  The publisher had received a phone call from a major US company that employees more than two hundred thousand people.  The conversation went something like this: We can no longer have you teach from the components level.  We need […]

eSyst: Changing the Electronics World

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So how big is eSyst?  Three years ago when the eSyst grant was awarded by the NSF, almost no programs in the United States were system based.  There were a few out there, oasis in the desert, but you could count them on two hands.  When project manager Tom McGlew and the eSyst team of […]

Saving Your Electronics Program

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I have been to a few conferences and have talked to many electronics instructors.  Or their deans.  Many have had the same complaint that the enrollements of their electronics programs were dying.  It is not because electronics is not needed any more.  Far from it, there are 1000s of jobs that need an electronics background.  […]

Self-Cleaning Solar Panels, Windows, and more!

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One thing I dislike about my solar panels is the amount of dust that can collect on them.  Especially after 90 days of no rain at my house.  Dust is going to accumulate no matter where you live – but in Arizona, where there can be no long stretches of rain, the dust build up […]

On the wings of a butterfly

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How can a butterfly help us understand RFID technology?  Help create anti-counterfitting measures?  What can we learn?  Apparently, we can learn a lot from butterfly wings.  In the article Butterfly reasearch to improve RFID technology, the butterly wing has many secrets. To get a close look at a butterfly wings, the Nanotechnology Applications and Career […]

10 Emerging Techs for 2010

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EE Times has the list of ten emerging technologies to watch in 2010.  Biofeedback or Thought Control Devices - These are already in some game controllers.  This industry will explode in the coming years.  Printed Electronics – These should be hot off the presses in 2010. Plastic Memory – I know I should not think of Legos […]

Webinars Galore

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This month we are having a lot of webinars.  If you are interested in Nanotechnology, this Friday NetWorks is hosting the NACK Nanotechnology in the Classroom Labratory.  Next Wednesday (11/18), the ATE Center, Evalua|t|e is hosting Evaluate Basics for New ATE Grantees.  And finally, eSyst a Systems View of Electronics will have its third in […]

Space Elevator – going up?

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Continuing with our space theme this week, right now the Space Elevator Games, sponsored by the Spaceward Foundation, is going on to see which company can win the offered prizes.  For those who never thought of a space elevator, I am sure you question is, “can scientist make a space eleavator?” This week in the Mojave Desert, […]

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