Smart Grid Lineman

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Here is a short article, one of four, for what the day in the life of a smart grid lineman.  8 a.m. Instead of driving to the central loading dock, the lineman walks to his office—the line truck.  Overnight, the various systems (asset, order, materials, and workforce management) evaluated the field personnel available, materials, equipment, […]

Grant Proposals Due Today

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Today is the date to submit your NSF grant proposal.  Good luck to everyone doing that.  Today at MATEC, Michael Lesiecki and Lara Smith hit the send button to submit our grant proposal for the regional center – The Energy Utilization Center (EUC).  Below is the introduction summary: The Maricopa Community Colleges propose to establish […]

Energy Utilization Webinar

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I just got done having a rehearsal for the upcoming NetWorks Energy Utilization webinar next Friday, September 11 at 10 MST.  Below is a description: Modern society runs on electricity, and as standards of living increase worldwide, electricity represents the fastest growing form of energy use. This growth, coupled with ongoing advances in technology, presents […]

Microsoft Hohms in on the Smart Meter

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News of interest: Microsoft Hohm Cuts Power Bills Microsoft on Wednesday launched a Web service that allows consumers to track their home energy usage and offers ways to help them reduce power consumption. Microsoft joins Google PowerMeter as the major software players to help homeowners utilize their smart meters.  Now it is up the the utilities to join with […]

Smart Grid, Solar Panels, and a Big Battery

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This was an interesting news article about how Duke Energy will be doing a solar, battery, smart grid trial in Charolete, North Carolina. The company is testing what it calls a “virtual power plant” at a substation in Charlotte, N.C., that it hopes will allow it to use electricity more efficiently. The substation–where electricity is […]

Have you read the Horizion Report?

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At the Maricopa Community College’s Teaching and Learning conference this week, I became aware of the Horizon Report,, published by the New Media Consortium,,  and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. This report highlights six technologies to watch: Mobiles, Cloud Computing, Geo-Everything, the Personal Web, Semantic-Aware applications and Smart Objects. Let’s expand on smart objects: […]

A Google search uses how much energy?

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How much energy does a Google search use?  According to their number crunching at their blog, Energy and the Internet, “average query uses about 1 kJ of energy and emits about 0.2 grams of carbon dioxide.”  Not a lot for one search -  But how does searching compare to energy use for every day items?  […]

Google PowerMeter

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What would you do if you could figure out what device was using the most energy in your house?  Many utilities are installing smart meters on people’s homes.  The utilities can access the information but for the most part, the customers can’t.  It is hard to change habits if you don’t know what you are doing […]

The Smart Grid Needs a Smart Charger

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Mike Qaissaunee was kind enough to send me this article that presents an interesting scenario: Imagine all the folks on the waiting list for the Chevy Volt or a plug-in Toyota Prius plugged in their cars at once. The result? Blackout, as the world’s largest machine (otherwise known as the electric grid) is overloaded. A […]

Put a Stake in It

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While it is great to try to make our house/business energy efficient, it also comes down to what we do inside the house – turning off the lights when not needed, unplugging “always” on devices.   Gordon Snyder had this great blog on Power Supply/Charger Energy Waste Explained and how keeping your chargers plugged in waste […]

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