NACK Recruiting Underrepresented Minorities

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We just had an awesome webinar today with NACK on Recruiting underrepresented minorities.  We had three wonderful presenters and they talked about the great programs they were running.  If you want to watch the recording, click on the above link.  If you would like to view the slides, click here.  Recruitment of students into STEM […]

Nanotechnology is not just for electronics

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There is a misconception out there that nanotechnology is really for electronics.  I guess the word “technology” makes people think that.  You can point out that there is nanotechnology in pants, tennis balls, ski goggles, batteries, etc.   Penn State’s NACK (Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge) website, has an introductory modules that discuss products that have […]

Sound provides electricity

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Here is an interesting article from PC Magazine talking about how sound waves can provide electricity.  Dr. Sang-Woo Kim and his colleagues at Sungkyunkwan University’s Institute of Nanotechnology in Seoul say they have developed a new method of converting sound into electricity. They say a cell phone could be charged simply by talking into it while […]

Intel Explains 3D transitors with Video

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Curious about the difference between 2D and 3D transitors?  Check out this video from Intel with Mark Bohr getting small to explain.  The video gives a good visual on the difference. Mark Viquesney

Intel goes 3D

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We know that 3D is all the rage with movies and televisions.  But with computer chips?  Intel is anouncing the first mass scale production of transitors that are 3D instead of 2D. Tri-Gate transistors form conducting channels on three sides of a vertical “fin” structure, a major advance from the planar design of transistors in use […]

New nano drug delivery

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This post just came out from the Nanotechnology Blog – quite the timing since we will be hosting the free NACK webinar on Nanotechnology in Medicine. New nano-engineered Nanomaterials for drug delivery Researchers throughout the globe are looking for new methods of drug delivery and nanotechnology has provided some of the best ways of transporting drug […]

Nanotechnology and Medicine – Upcoming Free Webinar

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Are you curious about nanotechnology in medicine?  Do you want to know the latest in medical treatments for cancer and other medical conditions?  You are in luck – next Friday, April 29, will be NACK’s webinar:  Nanotechnology in Medicine. Nanotechnology applications in medicine offer some exciting possibilities. While some applications are still only far-fetched, others […]

Nanoworks – upcoming NACK webinar

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On March 25, NACK is going to have their next webinar entitled:  Nanoworks:  Alumni Success Stories. Undergraduate level programs in nanotechnology have been in existence now for over ten years. How is the hands-on training in nanotechnology assisting alumni of these programs, and how is it providing American industry with a much needed skill set? […]

Nanofabrication Webinar

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We have a great NACK webinar tomorrow.  It is Introduction to Nanofabrication: Top Down and Bottom Up.  Nanofabrication is defined as a field of applied science and technology whose theme is the control of matter on the atomic and molecular scale, generally 100 nanometers or smaller, and the fabrication of devices or materials that lie within […]

Spray On Solar Cells?

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This sounds too good to be true – but here it is from the NSF itself about a project for solar cells that can be sprayed on.  Have you seen those big, bulky, breakable photovoltaic cells that now collect the sun’s rays? Well, what if solar energy could be harnessed using tiny collectors that could be […]

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