I can’t see nanotechnology…

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Have you ever tried to see nanotechnology?  Or run into someone who just doesn’t understand that they can’t see nanotechonolgy with the naked eye?  If so, show them this video. Mark Viquesney

And the Hackerman award goes to…

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Over at the Nanotechnology Development Blog – they post that Jason Hafner wins the prestigious Hackerman award for his discovery of Gold Nanostars.  Halfner has worked in the nanotechnology area and his discovery of new type of nanostructures brought him in limelight. He has been a graduate student and worked in close collaboration with Rice […]

The Smart Phone in the Battlefield…

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“Hi Mom.  Can I call you back? I’m in the middle of a fire fight.”  I cannot say that is something that will never happen, after all, the truth is always stranger than fiction, but I can see this phone call happening some point in the future.  The solider would probably say, “Busy mom, I’ll […]

Solid State Drives – We Hardly Knew You

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There has been a lot of talk about the solid state drives as the best hard drives.  But with all things technology, it can change pretty quick.  Welcome to the world of Nanowire ‘racetrack’ memory. Imagine a computer equipped with shock-proof memory that’s 100,000 times faster and consumes less power than current hard disks. One […]

Smart Phone as Doctor?

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For the past few years, a lot of people have theorized about what smart phones will be able to do.  Some people are saying that smart phones would be able to detect harmful chemicals, or detecting danger heart arrhythmias.  This will happen and is happening.   Today in the main stream news, Britian doctors are working on an app […]

Nanotechnology Applications in Today’s World

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Curious what Nanotechnology is doing in the world?  Dr. Fonash, of the Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK) Center at Penn State, will be discussing today’s nano applications.  Nanotechnology has often been thought of as playing a key role in the next industrial revolution. Nanotechnology is not an industry; it is an enabling technology that is impacting […]

Have you ever wondered about the safety of Nanotechnology?

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To most people, Nanotechnology is new.  But it really isn’t.  Nanotechnology as a name is relatively new, but what has been done is not.  Nanotechnology was done in the Roman times – though, we know for a fact that is not what they called it, and that they probably didn’t realize they were doing nanotechnology.  […]

Food and some small things thrown in

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Food is always a glorious subject to write about.  But, have you wondered why nanotechnologist are so interested in food?  Have you ever wondered what nano products are put into food and why?  This Thursday is a wonderful opportunity to find out all about the science of food and nanotechnology, and how nanotechnology is helping […]

Interested in solar? And Nanotechnology?

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I am, of course, very interested in solar.  My last two months of electric bills have been zero dollars.  Actually, I had a $24 credit from two months ago – so my April bill would have just been $12, and May was $8 but with the credit – ZERO!  Last May I paid..  well, actually, this […]

NACK’s Jamie Houseknecht

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We recieved word from the NACK center at Penn State that Jamie Houseknecht died over the weekend.  This is a great loss and we send our condolences to them and Jamie’s family.  I had worked with Jamie several times on webinars (last one was just over a week ago) and other NACK projects.  He was a very good […]

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