Intel Explains 3D transitors with Video

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Curious about the difference between 2D and 3D transitors?  Check out this video from Intel with Mark Bohr getting small to explain.  The video gives a good visual on the difference. Mark Viquesney

Intel goes 3D

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We know that 3D is all the rage with movies and televisions.  But with computer chips?  Intel is anouncing the first mass scale production of transitors that are 3D instead of 2D. Tri-Gate transistors form conducting channels on three sides of a vertical “fin” structure, a major advance from the planar design of transistors in use […]

Space Elevator – going up?

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Continuing with our space theme this week, right now the Space Elevator Games, sponsored by the Spaceward Foundation, is going on to see which company can win the offered prizes.  For those who never thought of a space elevator, I am sure you question is, “can scientist make a space eleavator?” This week in the Mojave Desert, […]

Space Hotel

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Have you ever wanted to lounge around in space for a few days?  Train on a tropical island before take off?  If so, the opportunites are starting to arise.  The Galactic Suite Space Resort is schedule to open 2012. The Barcelona-based architects of The Galactic Suite Space Resort say it will cost 3 million euro […]

Genes On a Chip

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Technology can be such a wonderful thing.  The smaller we can make things, the more it seems to do.  Word has been released that IBM has invented a chip that can do gene sequenceing. IBM says the invention, disclosed Tuesday, paves the way for genetic scans that cost between $100 and $1,000. By contrast, the […]

Energy Utilization Center

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At 14:05 today, Micheal Lesiecki clicked a button that could forever change the world.  Today was preliminary proposal due date for the National Science Foundation.  The proposal he submitted was for a regional center on energy utlization.  What does this mean?  When Mike brought up the concept, everyone just scratched their heads (just like you maybe […]

Top 10 Chip News of 2008

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I always like list of the top ten and I actually haven’t seen that many this year. Here is the Ten Biggest Chip News for 2008 from Channel Web. #4: Intel’s new Nehalem microarchitecture on its Core i7 desktop chips and AMD’s transition to the 45nm fabrication process with its new Shanghai line of server […]

Intel’s R&D

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When you think of Intel you think of microprocessor chips; the brains inside the PC. News from their development forum has me seeing their R&D being much more than just chips. They recently introduced “programmable matter” and “wireless electricity”. Size is no longer an issue – the device can take the form of a wristband […]

Nanotech and Phones

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I was talking with Tom McGlew in his office the other day and he was showing me some cool concepts with nanotechnology and phones. Nokia has a concept phone, Morph, that is just plain cool that in maybe seven to ten years they will be able to produce. You can wear it, fold it, bend […]

The Extinction of Hard Drives

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A discussion was going on this morning in the office about the future of hard drives as we know them going the way of the floppy drives. Think about it, ten years ago, we had 3.5 inch and maybe a 5¼ floppy drives. The computer I write on has a 3.5 floppy drive, but I would […]

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