Successful Minority Male Webinar

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As the title says, we had a very successful webinar today.  We had over a 130 registrants and over 80 people showed up (thirty sharing rooms with people).  There was a great discussion going on in the chat window and awesome questions.  I think one of the best questions was that this one participant said […]

Encore Webinar with Jim Brazell

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We are lucky to be able to announce an encore webinar with Jim Brazel!   Emerging Technologies Encore:  STEM: Mainstreaming Career and Technical Education  Date: Friday, January 28, 2011 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time Presenter: Jim Brazell, Technology Forecaster, Public Speaker, and Strategist, Radical Platypus group and the Thornburg Center for Professional Development. Length: 1 hour and […]

What is a well-rounded student?

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That is the million dollar question – what is a well-rounded student?  What should they know? Obviously, writing is very important.  You can’t write if you don’t know how to read.  But just because you know how to read, does not mean you know how to write.  And writing is all about communicating ideas.  If […]

Emerging Technologies Webinar with Jim Brazell

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Tomorrow for NSF NetWorks sponsored webinar, we are going to have Jim Brazell speaking.  He is a technology forecaster.  He will be examining how the anticipated fusion of virtuality and reality will influence technological education and our world.  Visit Jim’s site to learn more about him and the fascinating talks that he gives.  Jim has some […]

Microprocessor Animation

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Ever wonder how a computer works? Using the top-down approach, this block diagram takes you on a journey through the various stages of a microprocessor’s architecture. At the system level, the details of each component are concealed, all emphasis being placed on the task that each device performs. For starters, every microprocessor has an arithmetic […]

Upcoming Free Webinars for November

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It is hard to believe that it is November.  We have a flurry of FREE webinars coming this month.  (Someone asked me why I always put free webinars down – that is because every now and then I get a phone call from someone who says, “I read that this is a free webinar – how […]

Free STEM Webinar

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I am getting ready for the next month of Free webinars (thank you NSF) and the next MATEC NetWorks webinar is Innovative STEM Resources. The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) is a national network dedicated to advancing STEM teaching and learning, in both formal and informal settings. Much more than a repository of materials, NSDL […]

Nanotechnology Applications in Today’s World

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Curious what Nanotechnology is doing in the world?  Dr. Fonash, of the Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK) Center at Penn State, will be discussing today’s nano applications.  Nanotechnology has often been thought of as playing a key role in the next industrial revolution. Nanotechnology is not an industry; it is an enabling technology that is impacting […]

Best Practices in Distance Learning Recap

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Last Friday we had an excellent webinar on the Best Practices in Distance Learning.  Dr. Christy Alarcon, of Maricopa Center of Learning and Instruction for the Maricopa Community College District, spoke about different ways to get students engaged into the classroom.  One of the tools she talked about was Flickr Poet.  With Flickr Poet, you put words into a […]

Best Practices in Distance Learning Webinar

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Friday September 10, will be MATEC NetWorks Free webinar:  Best Practices in Distance Learning. Distance Learning provides a viable alternative to face-to-face instruction. Increase student involvement, retention, and success by engaging them online with proven tips and strategies of teaching in a distance learning environment. Join Dr. Christy Alarcon from Maricopa Community College District and I […]

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