Do Women Have Educational Advantage?

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Using the US Census data, The Business Journal discovered that women have an educational advantage over men 45 and under. The gap was especially pronounced in the youngest age groups: 27.3 percent of 25-to-29-year-old women held bachelor’s degrees as their highest educational attainments, compared to 22.6 percent of men. Another 8.5 percent of women in the […]

Vote for CGCC Engineering Program Green Video

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Students in the Chandler-Gilbert Community College engineering program are participating in a green video competition sponsored by Johnson Controls and need your help. Please vote on their video to win at the following link:    You can log in by using Facebook or take 3 minutes and create an account.  The deadline to vote […]

New nano drug delivery

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This post just came out from the Nanotechnology Blog – quite the timing since we will be hosting the free NACK webinar on Nanotechnology in Medicine. New nano-engineered Nanomaterials for drug delivery Researchers throughout the globe are looking for new methods of drug delivery and nanotechnology has provided some of the best ways of transporting drug […]

Nanotechnology and Medicine – Upcoming Free Webinar

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Are you curious about nanotechnology in medicine?  Do you want to know the latest in medical treatments for cancer and other medical conditions?  You are in luck – next Friday, April 29, will be NACK’s webinar:  Nanotechnology in Medicine. Nanotechnology applications in medicine offer some exciting possibilities. While some applications are still only far-fetched, others […]

Teaching Online Webinar with Raymond Rose

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I just finished a rehearsal with Raymond Rose.  He will be presenting Drops, Failures, and Withdrawals:  Increasing Online Retention on Friday, April 15.  This is going to be an excellent webinar.  If you teach online, a hybrid class, or even face to face, Ray will give information that can help every teacher become a better […]

Professor Arressted for Closing Student’s Laptop

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As a teacher, there are things that you should not do.  Add this one to the list:  Do not close a student’s laptop during your class, especially if their hands are still on the keys.  If you do, you will be arrested for assault and battery. From The Spectator, the school newspaper:  The altercation occurred […]

Robotics Webinar

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Next week, April 8, NetWorks will have a Robotics webinar!  Description:  As scientific and technical knowledge evolves, it sometimes aligns with demand in defense, health, agriculture, and other professional and social needs. We are now seeing the emergence of robotics and intelligent systems helping people become more productive. Production of these systems will increase and with […]

Importance of Education Budgets

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Arizona has been in the last of categories for many years on education spending and test scores (maybe they are related?).  The politicians always talk a good game about how important education is. If it was important to them, then their actions would support their talk and Arizona education would be fully funded .  The legislators […]

What the U.S. can learn from World Education

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The McGraw-Hill Foundation did a study entitled:  What the U.S. can Learn from the World’s Most Successful Education Reform Efforts.  As has been known, and talked about for the last few years, America’s education system is no longer the best in the world.  The better the education a nation has, the better its economy will […]

Upcoming Webinars

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I am in the process of creating NetWorks next webinar schedule. If you have any ideas for a webinar that you would like to see NetWorks do, please send a comment or email. Mark Viquesney

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